Google Advertising

Google AdWords is an online advertising platform that enables companies, just like yourself, to target specific users and show them the services they are looking for – when they’re looking for them.

Whether your goal is to increase online sales, bring customers into your store, or get more phone calls, Google AdWords is the solution. This platform offers three different types of ads – Display Network, Search Network, and Shopping. Each ad network offers the same solution although they are presented in different forms.

Google’s ads allow you to cast as wide or narrow of a net as you wish. You can target specific areas, ages, genders, interests, days and times, and so much more. And the best part? You only pay when users click your ads!


Shopping ads appear when a user searches for a specific product such as a used engine. These ads generally show at the top of the search results page and have proven to be very successful for eCommerce businesses.

When a user searches for a product, they are shown an image, description, and price immediately. Once the user clicks on the ad, they are brought to a landing page on your website where they can learn more information, purchase the product, or contact you.

Using compelling product images (and great pricing), Shopping ads increase site visitors, online sales, and revenue.

Search Network

Search Network ads offer the same benefits as Shopping although, it functions a bit differently. When a user visits and enters a search query – let’s say “dentist in Nashville TN”, a text ad will appear offering the services that user is searching for.

By using keyword targeting, businesses are able to show at the top of Google’s search results with relevant information users need.

Search Network ads can be crafted to include a phone number, links to multiple pages on your website, customer reviews, other products, and so much more.

Display Network

Ads shown on the Display Network can be tailored to match your brand and advertise specific products, services, and much more.

For example, say you only want to show ads to users who abandoned their shopping cart on your site. Using the Display Network, the user will see an ad for the exact product they added to their shopping cart and ultimately did not buy.

These ads are very effective because they appear on other websites the user visits which reminds them about your product and helps convert abandoned purchases into sales. These ads are very effective for nurturing users through your sales funnel. Imagine the growth for your business!

Getting started with advertising on Google can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry! That’s why I’m here. Schedule a free consultation with me today – I’d love to hear from you!

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